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Beware of Crypto Scams | Squid Play To Earn Scam

An important observation is that seemingly everyone in the crypto world is looking to find that one token that’s the next “shib”, a new token that has huge drive and marketing. And people are willing to sacrifice doing the research, in the risk that the tokens price will increase in that time. Basically the FOMO effect.

Audit Report

We are proud to release our audit report that was conducted by Perseus audit with a link here, https://spmk.tech/audit, an expert in play to earn gaming crypto currency.Having an audit demonstrates our commitment to transparency and furthers our mission of bringing a trusted Play to Earn Crypto Game to the market.


https://officialspacemonkey.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/8090203087195275260.mp4 ANNOUNCEMENT TIME: 🐵 We are excited to announce our first ever LP rewards program! Starting November 10th we will begin our program that rewards participants holding 0.5 LP token or more with our first ever NFTs! It will be a tiered system that rewards holders for participating the full length of the program to … Read more

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