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Here is the latest update from the space monkey team.

As you are all aware, the snapshot was taken on the 30th August 2021.

We are this week going to begin confirming addresses for the airdrop and since the new token is going to be on the BSC smart chain, only certain wallets will be acceptable.

So Far the main wallets we are recommending you to use are Trust Wallet and Metamask.

Please be advised that if you are using metamask, you will have to configure your wallet to accept coins on the Binance Smart chain. (There are many videos available online explaining how to do this.)

If you are using coinbase wallet or another wallet incompatible with the BSC smart chain you will not be able to receive the airdrop.

So in order to facilitate the above, anyone who is not using one of the recommended wallets above will be required to transfer their SPMK to a compatible wallet by 23:59UTC on the 11th September one week from now.

You will then be required to send us:

  1. Your previous wallet address
  2. Your new wallet address 
  3. The transaction ID 

This will allow us to update the Snapshot information. 

PLEASE do not worry if your new SPMK balance is lower due to transaction tax than it was before, YOU WILL still be credited with the full amount of SPMK from the snapshot timing. We need to do this as its the only way of us verifying that the authenicity of your wallet.

Another post will follow tomorrow regarding how to submit the information to us. If you already use a compatible wallet configured to receive BSC tokens then you do not have to do any more.

Please DM @lewcol directly (in the telegram app for those viewing this news on our website, https://t.me/spacemonkeyfinance) or ask questions in the chat, all admin members are here to support you, so let us know if we can assist in any way. 

Please note if you do not do it by the 11th, you will still be able to recover your tokens, but there will be a delay until after the airdrop has been completed. We are committed to making this a successful transition.

The page for the Space Monkey Airdrop is https://officialspacemonkey.com/airdrop/

Thank you all for your continued support. More information coming soon!

The Space Monkey Team

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