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An important observation is that seemingly everyone in the crypto world is looking to find that one token that’s the next “shib”, a new token that has huge drive and marketing. And people are willing to sacrifice doing the research, in the risk that the tokens price will increase in that time. Basically the FOMO effect.

Audit Report

We are proud to release our audit report that was conducted by Perseus audit with a link here, https://spmk.tech/audit, an expert in play to earn gaming crypto currency.Having an audit demonstrates our commitment to transparency and furthers our mission of bringing a trusted Play to Earn Crypto Game to the market.


https://officialspacemonkey.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/8090203087195275260.mp4 ANNOUNCEMENT TIME: 🐵 We are excited to announce our first ever LP rewards program! Starting November 10th we will begin our program that rewards participants holding 0.5 LP token or more with our first ever NFTs! It will be a tiered system that rewards holders for participating the full length of the program to … Read more


We brought in the token airdrop to our community as a thanks for believing in the project. Now it’s time to close this chapter for the old token and move forward with a new token under a new team. Our new team has decided that effective 11.11.2021 that no additional coins will be accepted in the airdrop. It simply is not good for the future of our new token to keep such a large percentage of tokens in an unknown state. 


CANADA (Oct. 19, 2021) – Space Monkey, the newest play to earn crypto game is proud to announce its partnership with Game X Change, a gaming platform in which gamers can move assets seamlessly across platforms, games and blockchains in a safe and controlled way.

According to the Founder, Nico Montpetit;

“The emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the year 2021 has ushered in a new paradigm relating to finance, the arts, entertainment and much more. New possibilities and innovation are a constant in this futuristic-yet-modern environment that has come to be. Blockchain technology allows for revolutionary advancements in many areas that underpin the society that we live in. One such area is the $150+ billion dollar gaming industry.”


We are this week going to begin confirming addresses for the airdrop and since the new token is going to be on the BSC smart chain, only certain wallets will be acceptable.

So Far the main wallets we are recommending you to use are Trust Wallet and Metamask. Please be advised that if you are using metamask, you will have to configure your wallet to accept coins on the Binance Smart chain. (There are many videos available online explaining how to do this.) If you are using coinbase wallet or another wallet incompatible with the BSC smart chain you will not be able to receive the airdrop.

Team Member Spotlight

I am excited to provide my experience in web development and marketing to this project.  We have been helping business online since 2005 and are located in South Florida, USA. The Official Space Monkey website will be a more interactive website that includes game screenshots, player profiles and recordings of high scores and or general game play. 

Jordan Grant Hall | Talks about Space Monkey

We just wanted to share a little about how the Space Monkey game was built and what the future holds.  There is no one more qualified than our own game developer, Jordan Grant-Hall.  You can learn more about Jordan by visiting our team page. According to JBH, Space Monkey is a pioneer in the crypto … Read more

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