Display todays minimum to play to earn money


170 million to purchase the NFP

• Create an account on gamexchange.app 

• Connect your wallet to game x change to verify you hold the required NFP

• Start playing the game and collecting bananas

• log in using your email and password from your game x change account in the game

• export 2100 bananas every 24 hours 

• log in to game x change, in your MONKE vault convert your bananas to MONKE to your wallet

You can play the game for free and collect bananas, but you will only be able to export 2100 bananas per day when you are holding the space monkey NFP in your wallet.

Bananas are worth 1 million monke per 2100 bananas at time of conversion.

Please use your email address used when registering with game exchange instead of your username when logging in on the app only.

There is currently a minimum of 2200 GXP.

In future we will be adjusting the required amount of MONKE needed in order to play 2 earn to make sure we always remain competitive and attractive to users.

The NFP is valid for as long as the space monkey mobile game ecosystem is live. The owner can cease operations of the play 2 earn system and/or game at any time.

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