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Jordan Grant Hall | Talks about Space Monkey

We just wanted to share a little about how the Space Monkey game was built and what the future holds.  There is no one more qualified than our own game developer, Jordan Grant-Hall.  You can learn more about Jordan by visiting our team page.

According to JBH,

Space Monkey is a pioneer in the crypto gaming space, looking to push the boundaries of game development and Crypto gaming.

Developed in the Unity Game engine, the game is a 3D endless runner where you collect bananas in order to earn Space Monkey Tokens with.

The future of.Space Monkey includes adding in Custom NFT skins, crypto conversion of bananas to Space Monkey tokens and a leaderboard so you can showoff your Monkey skills.

We look forward to keeping everyone updated on news, events and Space Monkey development.

Thank you,

Space Monkey Team

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