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We are excited to announce our first ever LP rewards program! Starting November 10th we will begin our program that rewards participants holding 0.5 LP token or more with our first ever NFTs!

It will be a tiered system that rewards holders for participating the full length of the program to maximize earnings. The reward will be an NFT that represents a skin for our dear Space Monkey’s blaster. We are presently working on the tech to allow for the NFT to actually be visible within the game and anticipate it will be ready in December/January.

Here’s how it works:

Month 1: Black Blaster NFT
Month 2: Bronze Blaster NFT
Month 3: Silver Blaster NFT
Month 4: Green Blaster NFT
Month 5: Pink Blaster NFT
Month 6: GOLD Blaster NFT

In order to earn the gold blaster you MUST have held the 0.5 LP for the entirety of the 6 month period, starting before November 10th. This also means that if you would like to earn the Bronze Blaster for example, you must hold the LP for 2 months consecutively. If you hold the LP and remove it, you will be disqualified from earning the next one and will have to start again. These NFTs will be tradeable on secondary markets eventually as well.

PLEASE NOTE! These NFTs will never be for sale from our team or the GameXChange platform! They can only be earned through LP program. The Gold Blaster will only be attainable by those who enter before November 10th and stay in all the way to the end. This should make them quite rare 😉

Thank you all for your continued support and for contributing to the success of our Space Monkey project.

– The Space Monkey Team 😁

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